graduation project

trendmaterial and textile collection


a textile collection consisting of woven and digitally printed textiles. The textile collection was designed from thoughts about artificial intelligence, machines, mechanics, humans, senses, intuition & existentialism.

inspired by the science fiction novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” and the movie ex-machina.

I have been fascinated by using the loom for creating structures in woven textiles and using different polyester qualities in combination with reflective yarns to achieve different responses to light, depending on the light source.


The trend material, developed in the beginning of this project. A visualization of my thoughts about existentialism, humans and machines.

(one picture missing)

I like going on adventure to find items for inspiration and this process helps me visualize my thoughts.

I frame my work by using the things available. Sometimes you just have to work with the things you got – and make it work.

final collection

The final collection has been exhibited at Koldinghus Museum.


The graduation project lasted about 4 months. In the beginning i worked on the trend material. I wanted to make a project that was open to interpretations and have an artful starting point. At the same time i was working on making my final products more commercial.

Furthermore i wanted to work both digitally and analogue, because working with your hands and feeling rather than looking does something to the design process.

by Nicole Jørgensen